By Lori Pack • March 16, 2017

Why teachers need personal insurance for tutoring on the side


Do you teach kindergarten, elementary or high school students – yet also tutor on the side where you’re paid by the school district (or the students’ parents) and receive a 1099?  As a private practice professional and independent contractor working in the education field, protection of yourself as an educator is critical. A professional liability insurance policy for teachers in such positions will:

  • Protect assets from work-related lawsuits – even if groundless, fraudulent or false
  • Provide defense costs in the event of a lawsuit (in addition to the liability limits) and will assure representation
  • Provide reimbursement of funds if accused of a criminal offense, provided you are found not guilty
  • Provide reimbursement of funds if a victim of Identity Theft or Assault Related Personal Property Damage
  • Provide reimbursement of funds for bail bond fees in the event of an arrest

Many types of teachers can benefit from the protection of a professional liability insurance policy designed for educators working as independent contractors. For example, perhaps you are:

  • A 3rd grade music teacher – yet have a business on the side where private lessons are given in students’ homes
  • An educational diagnostician working full-time for a school district – but also perform testing services on the side
  • A retired teacher contracted by the school district to provide consultation for special education elementary students in reading and writing
  • A high school English teacher who also works as an educational consultant for the school district to provide services for improving academic achievement

All of these scenarios warrant the need for protection of oneself as an educator and for his/her professional duties as an independent contractor.

Myron Steves Educators in Private Practice policy extends coverage to the individual teacher – even into retirement – in the roles outlined above, yet not limited to these.  It provides the security needed for your personal endeavor amidst today’s ever-changing educational environment.

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